Saturday, August 25, 2012

One Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Sometimes it is difficult for me to decide what picture to use to illustrate a poem. Yesterday was one of those days.

I had four very different pictures, and each picture could give a different meaning to the poem. 

I finally settled on the bride and groom, but I could have used the trolls, or the picture of Glenn Close and Michael Douglass portraying their characters in the movie “Fatal Attraction”, or the old-timey postcard.

All four pictures show couples, but the poem takes on a whole different meaning because of the associations we have with each picture. It is akin to the connotations of words.

Use the comments section to tell me which picture you think works best with the poem?  Be sure to include your reasons for picking it.  

Just kidding!
      Or . . .
          maybe not.

Go up to a couple:
Say to one of them,
You know,
        you could
               do better.

 © 2012 Catherine Giordano