Friday, August 24, 2012

I Wanna Be A Prom Queen

I always wanted to be prom queen. Not pretty enough. Not popular enough. Never happened. (Besides I don’t think my high school in New York City even had prom queens.  It’s probably more of a suburban thing.)

Now I just want to be Queen of the blogs. 

My blogs have been getting more hits lately, it’s been building slowly, too slowly. I want to grow exponentially. 

I work hard writing for my blogs, and now I need to make my blogs work hard for me. The blogs have begun to earn a little money for me—maybe enough to pay for a movie once a month, if I don’t buy the popcorn. 

If I am going to earn a meaningful amount of money (like maybe enough for a tank full of gas), I need a lot more readers. If you like anything I write, please forward the link to your friends. Please like my blogs and/or individual posts on facebook and plus me on google circles, and repin me on pinterest, etc. Please write a comment on the blog itself. 

Make me Queen for a Day every day.  It can happen.  But, I need your help. 

Thank you so much. Also, if I see my numbers grow, it will make me think that people like what I write.  My ego could use a boost.
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