Saturday, August 11, 2012

Newspapers: The Pony Express of the Internet Age

I hate it when really big news breaks after the Orlando Sentinel has gone to press. Romney announced that Paul Ryan will be his VP pick this morning, but I can't do my poem about it because it is not in the newspaper.  I expect it is up on the Sentinel's website, but my rules say I can only use what is in the newspaper.  So tune in tommorrow.  I'm sure there will be lots about it in tommorrow's paper.

This blog is supposed to be about poetry, but I can't resist commenting on politics. I don't get it. Why Ryan? Does Romney need to convince the base that his flip flops are sincere and he really is a severe conservative now in order to rally the base?  But the base is already fired up by their hatred of Obama. Romney needs to woo Independents. Ryan will allinate them. Romney should have played it safe with Portman. The Democrat politicos are thrilled with the selection of Ryan.

I think Romney chose Ryan just because he likes him.

And he made his pick early because he really needs the help. Perhaps we'll all be talking about Ryan instead of Romney's taxes for a few days.