Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Strange Searches

Blogger gives me stats about page views and other things.  One of the other things is the search words that landed someone on my page.

Someone searched "zombie mermaids."  Interesting!  Why is someone looking for zombie mermaids. That search might have taken them to my poem Zombie Apocalypse or to my poem "Mermaids."

Someone searched "free sex girl picture."  Ughh! They were probably looking for porn. Yuk! I guess they were disappointed when all they found was my poem about Helen Gurley Brown who wrote a book entitled "Sex and the Single Girl." How icky!

And two people searched for "Catherine the Great young."  Back when I was young, I used to call myself, "Catherine the Great," but now I go by just plain "Catherine."

The people who used these searches probably weren't looking for my blog, but I hoped they stayed to read a poem and I hope they enjoyed it.  (All except the "free sex girl picture" person--you can stay away form my blog.)

I found this picture at

The actual Catherine The Great wasn't all that good looking so I used this picture. I prefer that you associate me with Cathrine Zeta-Jones.