Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Whole Lot of Clicking Going On

My arm hurts. My right arm.  The arm that has the hand that has the finger that I use for clicking.

It takes a lot of clicks to put new content on three blogs, especially when I post daily on one and about three to five times a week on the others.

It’s not just putting the content up. I post pictures on two of the blogs to add interest to the site. I have to click on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus to get the word out. Finally, I pin the pictures on Pinterest as another way of getting the word out.
So now I need you to click. You already clicked to get to this page.  Check out my other blogs. Check out the sidebars and the items at the bottom of the page. You might find something worthy of a click (maybe my book covers.)

Plus I have added a little poll as a sidebar on each of my other sites.  Vote for your favorite poem on and for your favorite show on . 

Like me on Facebook, retweet me on Twitter, plus one me Google Plus.  Please help me get more popular. Thanks for whatever help you can give me and thanks for reading.