Monday, August 27, 2012

Sex Defeats Mitt Romney

At the top of my News Print Poetry blog, there’s a bar across the page that lists the most popular posts over the previous 30 days. Ever since I posted “Republicans Don’t Especially Love Mitt Romney,”  about two and a half months ago, that poem has led the list. Everyday, without fail, it was the poem with the most hits.
I found this picture at

The Mitt Romney poem was "#1 with a bullet" even though the permalink (the name that search engines see) gave the name of the post as “suffering.”  I wrote that before I learned to use catchy names, especially for the permalink.

Today I noticed that a poem about the death of Helen Gurley Brown, the author of “Sex and the Single Girl” and the publisher of “Cosmopolitan,”  “Sex is OK” is now in first place.

So "Sex" has defeated “Romney” for the first place position.

The poem is entitled “Sex is OK” because those were the words in the headline of Brown’s obituary. I titled this post “Sex Defeats Mitt Romney.” I bet you were expecting something a little different than what you actually read here (if you are still reading) when you saw that title. I also bet that the title of this post moves this post into the number one position on this blog real soon.