Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Giving Up

I almost gave up on this project yesterday.  I spent two hours going through the paper looking for a suitable story for the day's poem.  I attempted at least five poems, and had to abandon them all.  I had just about given up when I decided to try the horoscopes.  And there I found the poem, 
quite a good poem.

I had already looked at the horoscope and had decided it wouldn't work.  But this time, I looked at the whole coulmn instead of just at the "if you were born today" part.  When I did that, I saw the poem.

Today I looked at the horoscope again, out of curiousity, to see if there was a poem there.  There was no poem.  Today, I didn't need to go to the horoscope for the poem; there were other stories that I was able to use.  But yesterday, when there was nothing, the horoscope saved the day.

It's like Fate is telling me, "Don't Give Up."

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sweet Validation

I go to a writing class twice a month.  One of the women in my class complimented me on a newsprint poem I wrote.  She said it brought tears to her eyes.  And then she said something that made my day.

She said that she had tried to write a news print poem.  She said she tried and it was too hard and she had to give up on her attempt to do a poem.

So I feel validated on two points.  One my poems are capable of stirring emotions in people, or in toher words, they are good.  And two, I'm doing something that is difficult (and therefore worthy of appreciation.)