Friday, August 3, 2012

Postcards, Pictures, and Poems.

Postcards from the August Poetry Project
I signed up for the August Poetry project. (See the 7/25/12/ post.) I got a head start and began mailing
out a poem a day to the people on my list at the end of July. Yesterday, I mailed my seventh card, but I still hadn't received any. I started to think that maybe people weren't keeping their commitment. Today I got three postcards, each with a nice poem on it. Not just plain postcards, but each with a great picture on the front.

I looked at the pictures and the poems, and it was like two of the poems had switched cards. One was light verse about how the internet dominates our lives and it had a picture  of a 1941 movie poster for the film "The Monster and the Girl." 

The other card had a touching poem with a wry twist at the end about a friend who died from Lou Gehrig's disease. This one had a picture of the famous New Yorker cartoon, depicting two dogs at a computer and captioned "On the internet, nobody knows you are a dog."

Now clearly, the dog cartoon belonged with the internet poem and the dying-of-a-terrible-disease poem belonged on the Monster card. (The analogy is that the disease is the monster and the girl is the writer of the poem.)

Weird coincidence, don't you think?

I liked all three of my cards and all three poems.  I'll be rushing to the mailbox tomorrow morning.

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