Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Dilemma Over a Poem about Religion

Today I did a poem news print poem based on the show "bare". It is playing at the Breakthrogh Theater in Winter Park. It is a play about teenaged angst made all the angst-ier
by the fact that the teens go to a religious school and have to factor religon into their hormonal soup. I striped away all the review parts and left the teenaged angst parts.

My dilemma concerned what picture to use. I wanted to use the photo of Richard Dawkins' Book, "The God Delusion, but that would eliminate all ambiguity from the poem.  And one mark of a good poem is ambiguity. So I went with a different picture.  A young woman staring up at the sky as if looking for answers. 

See the picture  and read the poem at