Sunday, August 5, 2012

August Poetry Project (Con't)

I received two more postcards with poems on Saturday. 

One of the post cards was very cleverly done.  It was cut from a cereal box, and it had been carefully postioned to show a delicious looking spoonful of cereal.  What a good idea--Using the cardboard packaging from a pantryitem to create a picture postcard.

Suggestion:  If you do this, up the cleverness factor a notch or two by writing a poem to match the picture. There's a lot to work with in this picture--the silver sppon, the flakes and oats, the raisens, the mikly white milk and the words "Great Tasting & Heart Healthy."

On of the suggestions for the poetry project is have your poem answer one of the poems you have received. Since the person who sent this card is towards the end of my list, I'll have plenty of time to come up with a poem that matches the picture.