Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The August Poetry Project

Roast Beef Dinner
My first postcard poem was Simple Food
I joined the August Poetry Project.  I have a list of 31 people in addition to myself.  Every day in August, I will write a new poem, put the poem on a postcard, and send the poem to someone on that list, a different person each day.  At the end of the month, I should have sent, and received, 31 postcards just like the other people on the list.

This is a natural for me since I write a new poem everyday for the news print poetry project, that is, blog. 

I heard that some peple fancy things up a bit with pictures, so I decided I'd send my poem each day with the picture I have selected to illustrate the poem printed on the front left side of the postcard. A little more work for me because I have to make my own postcards from cardstock instead of using the ones from the post office. 

I don't mind the extra work. I like the idea of sending something special to the people on my list. Who knows? Perhaps they will become followers of my blogs, or at least readers.  Perhaps they will buy one of my books.

I'm really excited to read the poems I will get. I'll keep you posted about how this works out.  A few hundred people are doing it; there are several lists of names. Maybe you will want to do it next year.