Saturday, July 21, 2012

It's a Learning Experience

Evryday I learn something because of News Print Poetry. 

I have to read the newspaper pretty thougroughly each day, so the project keeps me informed on current events.

I also learn a lot about the technique of poetry.  I get a chance to experiment with different techniques.  For instance, yesterday when I did the poem about New Orleans l decided to play around with enjambment.  I ended up with a lot of my lines ending with the word "city." Since the poem was about a city, I liked how that worked out.

And, pretty much everday, I learn that less-is-more in poetry.  I write the poem and then I start eliminating words, lines, and even whole stanzas.  The poem is always better for it.

Finally, I learn that the key to improving my skill is to write and write and write. I have made the committment to write a poem everyday.  The newspaper gives me fresh inspiration everyday.

As the old joke goes... How do I get to Carnegie Hall? Practice! Practice! Practice!