Sunday, July 15, 2012

An Interesting Spiral and Irony Too

I wrote a poem on July 12th ("America is not a Christian Nation") based on a column in the Orlando Sentinel decrying how evil Americans are due to the separation of church and state. In the comment that follows each of my news print poems, I refuted that claim.  I liked that comment so much that I used it as a basis for a "Letter to the Editor."  Today, my letter was printed in the Orlando Sentinel, and I used that letter to create today's poem.

Next, we add irony to the mix.  The picture I used with the July 12th poem was all about positive values--it was used to refute the poem.  It would have made a great picture for today's poem.  However, since I didn't want to use the same picture twice, I went looking for a patriotic picture.  I selected one showing the Statue of Liberty on the Fourth of July.  Then I noticed the url and began laughing.  The url was  "Ask an Atheist"--How cool is that?