Saturday, September 1, 2012

To TV or Not TV

In addition to my poetry blogs, I do a blog about premium cable TV.  I review, recap and riff on original series on HBO, Showtime, and Starz.  If you watch TV, check out my blog, Premium Cable Reviews. 

My friend Robert Agento wrote this poem for me. He told me he dashed it off quickly.  I thought the first stanza needed a fourth line so I added it.  I hope you don’t mind, Robert.

He didn’t give it a title, so I’ll call it ...

To TV or Not TV
We don't have a TV. We miss all the blather.
We have no relation to Wolf, Beck or Rather.
We missed being taught about all things forensic.
The medical shows would only make us feel sick.

The Becks and Kardashians, they just go us by.
We've missed all the Geicos. We don't even try.
We stay quite informed--without any fuss.
As life on the blue screen, goes on without us.