Monday, September 24, 2012

Beyond My Control

I feel like I don’t know who is in control of this blog—me or automatons.

For instance, after I post something on one of my blogs, I do a “status update” on facebook to let people know that there is something new on my blog.  I do this only once.  However, when I look at my posts on facebook I see that a notice of new post is on facebook two, three, even four  times.

It’s out of my control.  I must have given permission, implicity or explicity, somewhere some how.  There is probably a way to revoke this permission, but I don’t know how.  If you know how, please let me know.

Automatons from google put ads on my posts. They appear on the right side of my page and below my poem.  I have no control over them.

At first I didn’t like them very much. However, I’m starting to like them because they enhance what I am putting out into the world wide web. For instance, when I did a poem about the new Apple iPhone5, (iPhone 5: Smiles and Long Lines), I saw an ad for a cell phone case for the iPhone5.  That’s cool.

Another example: When I did a poem about manatees, (Little Econ Manatee) I saw an ad for an attraction offering the opportunity for a manatee swim. That’s super cool.  I had heard of swimming with the dolphins, but not with manatees.  I want to swim with the manatees.

And lastly some of my poems are political. I use news stories and politics is in the news a lot in the run-up to the election.  Last week I did a poem that slams Romney (Romney Controversy).  Since it was negative on Romney I didn’t expect to see ads that asked for Romney donations alongside that post. I’m OK with that.  Romney (or more exactly Romney’s campaign), has to pay for those ads. I like taking Romney’s (or Romney’s campaign’s) money.
The ads change all the time so you may not see the ones I mentioned.  I wish the cool ones would stay up.  But as I said, I have no control over them
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