Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Apologies… and My Forgiveness

I'[m Sorry Apology Accepted
Apologies and forgiveness are important.
by Catherine Giordano

If you have noticed that I haven’t been showing up at meetings or social events, my apologies for dropping out. I’ve been busy writing. I’ve been obsessed with writing.  I write one article and I have six ideas for new articles. The ideas demand to be written down. Right now! 

This week I did three pieces on the subject of apologies and forgiveness.  
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The first is
It explains the  importance of apologies and provides guidelines for how to apologize. 

The second is

It explains why forgiveness is important for the person doing the forgiving. (The offender may benefit also, but that is not the focus of the article.) It gives guidance about how to forgive.  If you are angry at someone (living or dead), especially if you have held on to this anger for years, please read this article.    
Sorry Teddy Bear

After those two articles, it was time to lighten up. My third piece is The Apology Poem.
It will make you laugh. 

I hope you enjoy these pieces. I’d love to see your comments and our answers to the poll questions included in the articles.

If you would like to do further reading, here are some recommendations.

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