Thursday, August 21, 2014

Collecting My Thoughts

Hummel Figurine Gretl
by Catherine Giordano

I’ve been writing web articles and sometimes it just takes over my life. I began by writing an article about why people collect stuff and why and how people could  start a collection.

I thought it would be fun to write about my collection of teapots that are in the shape of other things.  I’d focus on teapots in the shape of other things. All I would need to do is write a paragraph or two on collecting teapots and then grab some pictures of animal-shaped teapots. Easy Peasy? Two hours tops?  No! It took sixteen hours.
On Tuesday, I started around 2pm intending to finish before dinner. At 8pm, I stopped because it just wasn’t coming together. I wasn’t happy with what I had written and I didn’t know what to do t fix it. 

for more info on this teapot
The next morning at 9am, the problem became apparent to me. I really had two separate articles that I was trying to smuush together. One was about the joys, motivations and satisfactions of collecting with tips for what and how to collect. And the second was about collecting teapots. All I had to d was separate them. Easy Peasy? Two hours tops? No!  I spent eight more hours on it.  

On Wednesday at 6pm, I finally clicked "publish" on both of them. Two great articles with lots of pictures, some of which I had photographed myself.   


Flamingo Figurine

8/31/14 Update: A few days later I did another post about collecting

I’m proud of these articles and I hope you will take a moment to read them.  Also take another few seconds to do one or more of the following: like, share, vote in the poll in the article, leave a comment. I appreciate your support.  

And if you are so inclined, I’m hoping you would like to use my link to buy a teapot or anything else you might want or need. If you know someone who has a collection, the perfect gift for people who collect is something for their collection.

P.S. Do you like cats? Here is a cat teapot for you. 
Teapot that ooks like a cat