Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Just Be Happy--It's the Little Things

I wrote a HubPages article: How to Be Happy: The 48 Best Quotes   by Famous People On Happiness.    I came up with 15 rules for happiness based on quotes about happiness made by famous people.

Today I want to add Rule #5a: Rule 5 is "Have an attitude of gratitude." a sub-set of that rule could be: "Don't overlook the little things."

I don't have a quote for that except maybe, "The best things in life are free."

I feel happy when I see someone has given me a "like" or a "share" or a "retweet" or a "repin" (on pinterst). I'm overjoyed to get a comment, a follower, a fan letter.  And people can give these things for free.

Since they are free and can bring so much happiness, I'm taking the time to bestow them freely on others.  Maybe it takes five minutes out of my day, but if it makes someone feel a little iota of pleasure, I'm happy to do it.

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