Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jumping for Joy

A research survey shows that at any random moment, 70% of people describe their mood as happy. You can take the poll at my newest web article "How to Be Happy."  Scroll to the end to see the poll.

Just looking at this picture makes me happy.

I'm feeling happy because I had a good day yesterday. Somebody clicked a link on one of my posts to a book and bought it on amazon and somebody (or maybe a few of somebodies) took a moment to view the message(s) of my sponsors that appear on each post.

I completed my fifth article for HubPages*, which means I have passed their "boot camp" for newbies. Also, all of my articles received "featured" status and got high ratings for content.  Since each one takes 10 to 20 hours to write, I am thankful for the high ratings.

Content is one part of the ratings, but reader engagement is also a big component. The level is reader engagement is determined by how many read the article and many engage by doing the poll or leaving a comment.

I want to thank everyone who is reading and engaging with my work.

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 *HubPages is a web based business. Writers produce content, webpages publishes it and adds advertisers, the writer shares in the profits. In another post I compared it to sharecropping.