Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Showtime Dreaming

It was a great thrill to have Showtime put a link to my blog: Premium Cable Reviews on the Dexter home page.They linked to my review of season 7, episode 3, “Sunshine and Frosty Swirl.”  On the bottom right hand side of the home page was a link that said “In the News.”  I thought it would be a link to a page of links of news stories. I was so surprised that it linked to only one thing—my blog.

My blog got so many hits and, even though the link is down now, I’m still getting an above average number of hits.

I think Showtime liked my review because it is more than just a review and more than just a recap, although it is, in part, both of those things. What I think is special about my reviews is that I comment on the themes of the show.

Have you noticed that as soon as you get something totally nice and totally unexpected, you start wanting something more? That’s what is happening to me. I’m daydreaming now about more.

I’d like to be recognized as a professional reviewer. I’d like to get a an opportunity to view each episode in advance so I could have my review ready and posted as soon as the show ends on Sunday night.  (It takes about 3 hours to write each review.)

I’d like to have a press kit so I would have all the information I needed at my fingertips. I sometimes have to do a little research about cast or other details while I’m doing the review.

And most of all, I’d like to get paid, even just a nominal sum. This is a labor of love and I will do it whether I get paid or not. However, nothing says you’re a professional like a paycheck.  Also I need the money. But that is probably way too much to hope for at this point.

So I'll just dream on ... and write on.
You can read my latest review of "Dexter," (season 7, episode 3) the one that aired on 10/14/12.  Showtime named the episode “Buck the System” , but I renamed it "Necessary, Greater, and Lesser Evits" to reflect what I thought was the main theme of the episode.