Monday, October 22, 2012

Poetry in Motion

I feel like the personification of poetry in motion today.  I wrote two posts for my Premium Cable Reviews blog.  One for Showtime’s Homeland "New Car Smell"(#204) and one for Showtime’s Dexter "Run"(#704).  Two examples of my very best reviews, if you will excuse me for saying so myself.  I hope when you read them, you will leave a comment telling me whether or not you agree. 

Then I knocked out my news print poetry poem entitled “Gridiron Girls” for my NewsPrint Poetry 2012 blog.  And then, I took that poem and reworked it without the restrictions of news print poetry for my poetry class on Tuesday. The assignment was to write a protest poem. My protest is about telling little girls they have to be all “sugar and spice” instead of telling them to be whoever, whatever, they want to be. 

My thoughts –a blur of motion in my brain; my fingers—a blur of motion over the keyboard.  Later, I’m going to design and create some jewelry. 

It feels so good to be creative.
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