Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Formating Issues

Blogger drives me crazy sometimes because it won't format properly.  Formating is very important in a poem.  Formatting can change the whole meaning of a poem.

Sometimes Blogger won't skip a line, and sometimes it skips too many lines.  It looks fine before I publish the post, but then when I view it, it looks different. I might have to make several edit attempts to get it to look the way i want it to look. Once in a while I just give up.

Yesterday I wrote a poem, "Dieting Is Easy", and I wanted the frist letter of each line to be directly below the letter of the line above it. This would create a sense of motion, a sense of moving forward that fit nicely with the comparison of dieting to riding a bike.  Blogger wouldn't publish it the way I wrote it, and I finally gave up.