Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Feel Lonely

I'm writing a poem a day. Every day.  No matter how much else I have to cram into that day.

I ask everyone to become a follower. So few do. I ask everyone to leave a comment. Almost no one does.  I feel lonely.

Even own family (except for my son) hasn't done it. Even my good friends haven't done it. I feel lonely.

I put it on facebook. I hand out cards with the blog address on it when I speak.  No one follows.  No one comments.  I feel lonely.

Sometimes people buy my books. This is free. But they don't follow; they don't comment. I feel lonely.

My friends have bought my books.  When I do a speech, audience members buy my books.  Sometimes they will me that they have read my blog and they liked it, but they don't follow or comment.

No one in my family has bought my books.  And I have a large family.  This is sad.  No matter.  I will keeep on keeping on.