Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February 12 is Charles Darwin Day

Chareles Darwin mocked
Charles Darwin was mocked.
by Catheine Giordano

February 12 is Charles Darwin Day, the anniversary of his birth in 1809.  

In a letter to a friend, Darwin called Origin of the Species “presumptuous” and “foolish”. It was false modesty because he clearly had a fairly good idea of how his findings in the field of “natural science” would change everything.  He said that publishing his work was like it was like “confessing to a murder.” 
During his own time, some scientists recognized the genius of his work which came to be known as “The Theory of Evolution” while others tried to refute it. Some misunderstood and misused his findings to foster their own philosophies.  Some simply mocked. He is still mocked today by ignoramuses.   

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Charles Darwin and Evolution 

Darwin knew that his work would have a profound effect on religion. He was right.  Darwin’s work explained the workings of the natural world and made God superfluous.   

I made it possible for me to write my own little essays in support of humanism and atheism. 

Secular humanism is a little understood human–centered philosophy of life. It is non-theistic, rooted in science, with explicit moral and ethical directives.

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