Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How to Get Laid Right

by Catherine Giordano

Matchstick man lying down
Matchstick man is lying (not laying) down.

This post is about how to get laid right. Also lie, and lay, and lain. Yes, this question refers to grammar. You knew that, didn’t you?

Miss Grammers is back and she instructs on the confusing lie/lay verbs—present tense, past tense, and past participle. So few people get these two verbs right. Miss Grammers must confess that even she gets them mixed up. Read the post here: The Naughty Grammarian: Lie, Lay, or Laid
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With this mug, you will always have the correct usage of lie and lay in your grasp.
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I appear to be having a blue period. “Blue” in the sense of risqué. My last post was about nip-slips and now I’m talking about how to get laid right. Enjoy it while it lasts.