Thursday, February 19, 2015

Writers Gotta Write? Right?

by Catherine Giordano

Words, like a cascading waterfall.
Words, like a cascading waterfall.

Writers gotta Write? Right?

Absolutely. I mean that literally. The ideas are in my head like a classroom of unruly school children.  The ideas lean forward in their seats with their hands raised and waving wildly. “Pick Me! Pick Me,” they shout.  And I can pick only one.

Sometimes they can’t wait for me to pick one. A few of hen start shouting out at once.  The idea has begun to write itself and I am not at my computer  and I don’t even have pen and paper. And still I can pick only one. 

So I pick one and begin writing. I try to shut out the shouts from the other ideas and focus on just the one. The other ideas are jealous. “Quiet,” I shout. “You will get your turn. I have put you on my list. I will get to you.”

I have become obsessed with writing. I eat at my desk and I only stop when I am making so many typing errors, I know that I am too tired to continue.

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