Friday, August 2, 2013

Sales Tax Holiday in Florida

by Catherine Giordano

Who wants to save some money? Everyone.

Sales tax holiday in Florida starts midnight Friday, August 2nd, 2013 and ends midnight Sunday August 4th, 2013. In Orange County, Florida, we save 6.5%.  In other places in Florida it ranges from 6% to 7%.

The best news is now in addition to clothing under $75 and school supplies under $15, you can buy some electronics under $750 (laptops, tablets, e-readers) and pay no sales tax.sales tax

Who wants to make some money?  I, for one, do.

I've been faithfully blogging and people often tell me that they like my blogs. I put a lot of hours in and don't make money. The ads aren't doing it for me, so here is my last ditch attempt to earn at least a little something. Please click the amazon shopping cart picture on the left whenever you need to buy from amazon. I'll get a small commission from everything you buy on that shopping "trip", even if it is from a third party seller. 

Just make sure that you don't exit the site before you buy. I was so happy when a friend said he bought three things with my link, but he must have left the site and then returned to place his order, because I never got credit for it.

BTW, I do not get info on who is buying, but since I had only started shilling for amazon, I only had a few orders. I did not see any new orders so that is how I knew that there was a slip-up.  

So please use my link whenever you buy anything that sells. It doesn't cost you anything extra and I earn a small commission. does not collect sales tax in Florida because there is no warehouse in the state, but buyers are suppose to keep track of their purchases and remit the appropriate sales tax to the state. 

This may change soon.  Online purchasers will be taxed the same as in-store purchases.