Tuesday, August 6, 2013

You Ain't Nothing but a Hound Dog

by Catherine Giordano

I searched all over the internet this morning to find up-to-date news about the Time Warner/Brighthouse v. CBS/Showtime standoff. It’s personal!  Not only do I like the series shows on Showtime a lot, but I review them on my blog.  I’m working really hard to expand the reach of my blog, and I will lose all momentum if I can’t review shows like Dexter, Homeland and Web Therapy.  (And all the other Showtime series that are fortunately on hiatus during this blackout.)

Finally, I discovered that the reason it was so hard to find news about this was because there is no news about this. Nothing is happening. They are not even negotiating. They are each just showing off about how little they are hurt by this blackout and vowing not to move an inch in compromise.  (Who do they think they are—Congress?)

And who is helplss caught in the middle of this battle. The innocent viewers who collectively put billions into the coffers of these companies.

I was reminded- of the old TV ad—“I want my MTV.” Well, I want my Showtime!

Then I thought of the old Elvis Presley song-“Blue Suede Shoes.”  You can do anything you wanna do, but don’t step on my blue suede shoes. You can do anything you wanna do, but don’t take away my Showtime.

From there I went to “You to you ain’t nothing but a hound dog.”  And I mean you Time Warner!  And I mean you Showtime!  I’d use strong words, but my advertisers say I can’t have obscene content.

And how about, “Don’t be cruel.” Bring back my Showtime!

Who knew Elvis Presley had so much to say about this dispute between Time Warner and CBS?
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