Saturday, August 10, 2013

Funds for Writers

by Catherine Giordano  

Why do you write? For personal expression and satisfaction? For money?  Who says you can’t do both. Moreover, nothing says your work is good better than someone wanting to publish it and give you money for it.
Besides writing is hard work. Maybe not the first rush of creativity, but the editing and re-editing again and again. When we work, we like to be paid for it, do we not.

“Funds for Writers” is a free online newsletter delivered to your inbox twice a month. It is a great resource. Each issue includes information about publishers and contests for fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. It’s where I learned about Publishers Syndicate, and now they are publishing two of my stories, one in each of two of their anthologies.

But “Funds for Writers” is more than that. Each issue includes at least one inspirational and/or informative essay. You’ll get very good advice. Sometimes there’s a brief “success story”. You’ll be inspired by them also. There is also information about grants and agents.

It will take only about 10 minutes to read each issue and you will be glad you did.  Get more information and subscribe at

The editor of “Funds for Writers” is C. Hope Clark. She is a writer herself so she understands writers. She is the author of two mystery novels—Low Country Bribe and Tidewater Murder.

You’ll like this newsletter even if you only write for personal expression and satisfaction.  You’ll like it even more if you write (or want to write) for money.

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