Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I Get Mail--Fan Mail

by Catherine Giordano

Over the past two years, I have had four essays printed in The Florida Writer, a magazine for members of the Florida Writers Association. I have submitted to only three issues—I only submit when the theme appeals to me—and I have been accepted three times. Every time I submit I am worried about breaking my winning streak.

I was proud to appear in the magazine, and a few friends congratulated me and that was that.  However, my last submission generated fan mail.  One person sent an  email and one person sent a tweet to tell me how much they liked my essay “Yellow Bird.”  Only two people, but still it is the first time I have gotten fan mail for anything.

(Sometimes I get comments on my blogs or facebook shout-outs about one of my blog posts, but I’m not going to count those as fan mail, although I do love it when some one writes a comment on the blog.  I t shows me that someone cared enough to take a minute to do a comment.)

Maybe, I’ll be getting more fan mail when the two anthologies that include my stories are released in the fall. Did I say two—make that three. This week I received notice that one of my stories will be appearing in a third anthology.   

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