Sunday, November 18, 2012

You Never Know

You never know what is going to catch the public’s eye. 

I write some great poems on serious subjects with  important messages, and people pass them by. I write a silly poem about Twinkies, mainly because the newspaper has given me nothing else that day, and it gets a whole of hits. It even generates comments.

I review “Real Time with Bill Maher" (Episode 267 11/16/12) and it leaps to the top of the pack. I look at my stats to see why. Maybe someone linked to it. I discover when I look at the search terms people used to land on my page that the reason is Ana Navarro. This silly twit made a stupid comment about horny men, I mentioned it in my review, and evidently everyone wants to read it.

Poems from months ago, like NBA, Nascar, Traffic and Sandscapes, that never made the top ten, suddenly show up in the list of the top ten posts with the most hits in the past 30 days.
I never know what is going to catch the public's eye.
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