Monday, November 5, 2012

News Print Platform

News print poetry uses newspaper stories to create poems. This year, a lot of stories were about the 2012 election. That makes this blog a platform for me to advocate for my political views.

On this Election Day eve, I thought it would be interesting to link to the political poems I did this year. Even if you only read the titles, it’s the “year in review.” (Click on the titles to go to the webpage with the poem on it.

Monday November 5      Down to the Wire
Monday October 29      Souls to the Polls
Sunday October 28      America   
Saturday October 22    Insight
Wednesday October 17   Obama Up
Tuesday October 16     Malarky
Friday, October 12     War on Reality
Thursday October 4     Debate
Monday September 24    Switching to Dems
Wednesday September 19 Romney Controversy
Saturday September 15  GOP Lacks Blacks
Wednesday September 13 Libya, Obama, and Romney
Monday September 10    Do Little Congress  
Sunday September 9     Dueling Conventions
Friday September 7     Four More Years
Tuesday September 4    Two Peas in a Pod
Saturday September 1   The Empty Chair
Wednesday August 29    Nominee Romney
Thursday August 23     Legitimate Lunkheads
Sunday August 12       Romney’s VP Pick
Friday August 3        Obama Talks Taxes
Tuesday July 31        Romney Rouses Outrage
Friday July 13         Politicians Drone On
Saturday July 7        Obama on the Road
Tuesday June 26        #DontDoubleMyRate
Friday June 15         Stop the Voter Purge
Wednesday June 13      Republicans Don’t Especially Love Mitt Romney
Tuesday May 29         Obama Delivers for Veterans
Thursday May 10        Obama Endorses Gay Marriage
Saturday March 24      Obama on Trayvon
Monday February 20     Obama Will Win Florida
Sunday February 5      Obama Focused
Wednesday February 1   Florida Romp
Sunday January 22      Beating Obama
Tuesday January 24     Black Voter