Saturday, January 3, 2015

Brief Encounters: People Almost Met

by Catherine Giordano

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Did you ever have a brief chance encounter with a stranger--a chance encounter with someone that lasts only a brief minute or two, but makes an indelible impression? 

The encounter is too brief for an exchange of names. You may speak to each other or even or touch, but you haven’t really met. They are the people you almost meet.

 After a brief moment of contact, you each go your separate ways and never see each other again. Yet, these people stay with you. You remember them. You think about them.

Sometimes these brief encounters can even be life changing.  Perhaps in just a small way as the encounter gives you a new understanding, but sometimes they can have a major impact. A small thing can sometimes be a powerful thing.

I’ve been writing a series of essays called “People Almost Met.” I’ve been collecting them for a few years, but have only just started publishing them.  Since I don’t know their real names, I gave the people I have almost met fictitious names, since I don’t know their actual names.

Lilly at the Pool
I met “Lily” at the pool, and it is very likely that I saved her life. She was also my second chance. People Almost Met: Lily at the Pool 
A Porcelain Doll
I met Gemma in the ladies room at Costco. She was as beautiful as a porcelain doll, but very unset. She was crying and I can’t stand to see unhappy children. I tried to cheer her up. I failed.  People Almost Met: Gemma in the Ladies Room


A Christmas gift-wrapped box
I met “The Little Elf” on a corner on my way to a Tuba Christmas performance. He gave me a Christmas gift. People Almost Met: The Little Elf on the Corner 

Ray in the supermarket

Vera at the cosmetics counter at Dilliad's has a message for me about vanity. People Almost Met: Vera at the Cosmetics Counter | The Makeover

Indian Girl
Aanya teaches me about the memories that things from our childhood hold and the joy of giving: People Almost Met: Aanya at the Yard Sale.

People Almost Met Baby Swim Lesson
Pamsy teaches me the value of swim lessons for babies. She may hate it now, but it may save her life one day. People Almost Met: Pamsy in Swim Class 

Each essay is just a little sketch. I hope you enjoy them. If you liked my essay, you will probably also enjoy this interesting book I discovered about people. It’s a photo book, titled People, showing how people are different and how they are alike. See the picture of the book at the top of this post.

And remember, "People Who Love People...