Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Year in Review: 2014

by Catherine Giordano

I thought I’d collect a few stats about my blogging. They are not much to brag about, but it is a record of my accomplishment so far. But it's getting better all the time.

My newest endeavor is HubPages. I did my first post mid- June 2014. At the end of the year, I had 68 posts and 9,009 views.  My most popular hub (as the posts are called) was Tips for Writers: The Making of a Poem --it got 474 views.  However, that hub was selected as “Hub of the Day” by HubPages staff and that means it received extra attention. The second most popular hub was Motto for Life: How to Use and Choose a Motto, published on 6/27/14, with 409 views.
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My oldest blog is News Print Poetry 2012, started on January 1, 2012.  I did a poem a day everyday throughout 2012. After that I added poems sporadically. The blog has had 26,163 views and 391 posts. In 2014, I added only 6 new posts. The most popular of these new posts was Poetry Woman, published 8/10/14, with 35 views.   

I started News, Print, Poetry at the beginning of 2012.  This blog is dedicated to commenting on my writing life.  It has a total of 11,358 views and 191 posts. In, 2014, I added 46 posts. The most popular of the 2014 posts was Perseus, Hercules, and the Nip Slip, published 9/15/14, with 80 views.  

The Premium Cable Reviews blog was also started in January of 2012. It has a total of 248 posts with 55,772 views.  In 2014, I added 57 posts. The most popular post was a review of Real Time with Bill Maher named Zombie Lies, published on 7/11/14. It got 805 views.

I added a new blog, Bill Maher Rules (for real), in May of 2014. It has 36 posts and a total of 3,347 views. The most popular post is Fed-Up: An Interview with Robert Lustig, published on 5/17/14. It has 338 views.  

I also added The Dragon Place blog in May of 2014. It has 16 posts and a total of 950 views. The most popular post is Dragon Halloween Costumes, published on 9/19/14 with 186 views.
Can a blogger earn money from blogging?  There are two ways to make money from blogging. Advertising and commissions. 
Advertising: You can sign up with Google for a program called Ad-Sense. Google will put ads on your website and pay for the number of views and the number of ad clicks. (However, you have to qualify for this program.) Or you can sell space to advertisers directly.
Commissions: You can become an affiliate marketer. You promote products on your blog and earn a commission when someone uses your link to buy something. For instance, I am an affiliate marketer with amazon. Amazon pays a commission when someone uses my links to purchase something from amazon (even if it is not the item clicked on).
If you want to do blogging, don't do it for the money. Some people make some, or even a lot of money blogging, but very few. Do I make money from blogging? Yes and No.The "No" part is because I'm not sure I can call it earning money when it is just pennies per day. I haven't added it up, but I probably earned around $100 in 2014. Maybe next year.