Sunday, November 10, 2013

Top Five Reasons Why I Blog

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1.    I have some ideas and opinions, I would talk everyone’s head off. With a blog, people can opt in if they want to hear it. (But I hope you opt in by following.) 

2.    Blogging helps me improve my writing skills. 

3.    It makes me think more deeply about things.  When I blog about TV shows, I have to think the issues through and that helps me to appreciate the show more. See Premium Cable Reviews 

4.     I learn a lot about a lot of different topics.  When I did the news Print Poetry 2012 project, I had to read the newspaper every day thoroughly and sometimes I did further research on a story because I got interested in the topic. 

5.    I can earn money from this if you support my advertisers  If you are planning to buy anything from use my link and I get a small commission, even if it is a third party purchase.  It doesn’t cost you anything extra. Here’s a link you can use:  Click Here for  You can also click on the shopping cart to the right or on any link embedded in the text. 

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