Monday, October 21, 2013

Florida Writers Conference Accolades

by Catherine Giordano
I’m back from the Florida Writer’s Conference and my brain is a buzz.  So many wonderful seminars, workshops, and people gave me so many new ideas. I think I’m ready to start on my novel now.

On Friday night, there was an open mic. I read some of my poems from News Print Poetry 2012: Best of 2012.  I chose short funny ones from last October. I got compliments all the rest of the weekend.

I also got lots of compliments on my story “The End of a Marriage” which took second place in the annual FWA anthology, It’s a Crime. There are so many great stories in that collection—everyone is a gem.  I’m so honored just to be included.

If you would like to read the poems I read on Friday, click the links below.

October   2, 2012      Love
October   2, 2012      Reality                      

October 11, 2012      Romance           

October 27, 2012      Insight                                   

I finished my open mic performance with two poems from my first book, The Poetry Connection, both funny, but cynical, poems about love.   

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