Friday, April 18, 2014

Just in Time for Mother's Day

Buy this book on
The book is finally out!  Not Your Mother's Book: On Being a Mom is available in print.  It includes my creative non-fiction story "The Accidental Kidnapper."  The story takes a look at how it feels to be adopted as an "older child."  My son was 5 years old when I adopted him.  (I think the story title gives it away a bit.)

It is available on  (It may say "available for pre-order," but that is just a lag in the system.  The publisher tells me that amazon has copies right now.)

I should be getting my own hard copies in a few days now.  I can't wait to hold it in my hands and see my story in print.  also, I'm looking forward to reading the other amazing stories by the other moms. 

The book is also available as an ebook on Smash Words and as a Nookbook on Barnes and Noble. 

\Mother's Day is coming up.  This book makes a great gift.
Flowers wilt and die. Candy gets eaten (and goes straight to the hips). A book is forever.

Please use my links on this page to buy it. And that will be your Mother's Day gift to me.