Monday, April 28, 2014

A Mother's Day Gift

By Catherine Giordano

I got my Mother's Day gift today

I received my 10 copies of Not Your Mother's Book: On Being a Mom the publisher sends to contributors.  I dropped everything in a rush to see my story in print  Then I read a few other stories at random.  I was so impressed.  What an honor to be included in this book with these other great authors. 

Every mother or mother-to-be or everyone who has--or who has ever had--a mother will enjoy these stories.  

I will thank my son for this gift.  Without him, I wouldn't have had a story to tell.  And I would not have had the wonderful experience of being a mother.  His mother.

Use  the link in the text above to go to to "look inside" or to order a copy. 

P.S. Don't let the cover fool you into thinking that these stories are about mother-child conflict. The stories cover the joys as well as the trials of motherhood. Some of the stories are sweet, but never sappy. Some of the stories touch on the difficulties of motherhood, but there are no sad or tragic stories.  All the stories are fun reads for contemporary times.