Sunday, July 21, 2013

Money Makes the World Go Round

by Catherine Giordano

Money makes the world go round.  Remember the song from Caberet.  I do, yet for two years I have been blogging my little heart out for no money.

Yesterday, I became an associate.  I can earn a small percentage of the sales price of your purchases from when you enter the amazon website by clicking on a link in my blog.  Just click on the shopping cart to the left, any photo of a book on the left side of this page) or any link of a book or dvd or merchandise in any post and then shop on amazon as you normally would. You don't have to buy the item you clicked on; I get credit for any purchase you make, even if you buy from a third party seller. Just make sure you don't leave the amazon site before placing your order.

It won’t cost you anything extra, and perhaps I can earn a little money.  So if you like what I write, then help me out by using the links on my blog to get you to and soon it will be raining pennies from heaven. I love that clinking clanking sound.

Many thanks.