Wednesday, April 24, 2013


by Catherine Giordano

I attended the Florida Writers Conference on Saturday April 20.  I almost didn’t go, but I’m so glad that I decided to go.

When I first looked at the workshops it seemed so “been there, done that.”  Editing, ebooks, marketing—I’ve been to so many of those workshops.  In the end, I decided to go just because it is fun to meet other writers.

It turned out that these were the best workshops I have ever attended.  Every single one was so valuable and gave me so much more than I expected.  It was an amazing day.

There was a poetry workshop given by Peggy Miller.  She is always wonderful.  The whole workshop is like an hour long poem.  What I took away from this workshop was an idea to get me writing again.

She suggested that we take just a couple of minutes each day, look around us, look out the window, whatever and then just write what we see—just a couple of lines.  I did that right on the spot and I have been trying to remember to do that every day.

The results are what I am calling snippets.

The Anthill
The crow sees
the ant hill of life
at something less than 24 frames per second.

The Vineyard
grows in the vineyards
of the mind
but must be aged
to become
like a fine wine.

No Escape
A squall, a storm;
the wind rattles
within my chimney
like a banshee
banging on the walls.

These snippets can stand alone or they might be incorporated into a longer poem.

If you are having writers block, try writing snippets.

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