Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oh, Thank Heavens

by Catherine Giordano

A lot of my very best news print poems are about celestial events. Astronomy is so full of mystery and wonder that it always makes for a great poem.

I think "Flare" is a great poetry, but the image of a lonely orphan planet really gets to me, too.

"Celestial Event" is about the transit of Venus, a very rare occurrence, but it happened last year.

"See the Light" is about the Norther Lights, the aurora borealis

In "A Distant Planet Turns to Dust" you can rad about a plenet disintegrating very, very slowly--another great image. 

Click on the title to read the poems.

March 4, 2012           Flare

May 23, 2012            A Distant Planet Turns to Dust

June 4, 2012             Celestial Event

Nov. 23, 2012           An Orphan Planet

Nov. 25, 2012           See the Light  

I did other news print poems about astronomy, but I didn’t post them.  You can find them in the books.

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