Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Other Poetry

News print poems are very restrictive.  My "regular" poems are sometimes very emotional and somtimes quite humorous.  I use a lot of forms-- rhyming and free verse.  When I rhyme I try for unusually rhyme schemes--instead of ABAB or AABB, I'll have 7-line stanzas and make the third and seventh line rhyme or I'll change the rhyme scheme from stanza to stanza. I like to experiment with differnt rhyme schemes.  I also use internal rhyme and near rhyme.

Here is a poem from my book, The Poetry Connection.

The Joy in My Heart

The joy in my heart

Is like a flower.

It begins

As a bud

And slowly blooms

Bright and full

And then it fades.

But the memory of its beauty

Lives forever.